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Our School is conveniently situated near to University and student facilities including the Main Library on George Square. The iconic McEwan Hall adds a touch of grandeur to our campus landscape, especially during the memorable occasion of graduation. This provides an extraordinary setting for learning, teaching and research. 

The University has large well-equipped teaching rooms and select study spaces are accessible 24 hours a day. There are extensive, state-of-the-art computing facilities across the University and a full range of online learning resources, web conferencing software, e-books and online academic journals for those undertaking flexible learning. Laptop users will find wireless networking coverage throughout. 

The Main Library holds a comprehensive range of books and journals, complemented by specialist medical collections at both the Royal Infirmary and Western General Hospital. The University has over 30 libraries, including the main library and all postgraduate students have access to the extensive holdings of the National Library of Scotland and the National Archives of Scotland, all within walking distance of the central campus.

Clinical Psychology Lab

The Clinical Psychology labs located at 55 George Square consist of 4 spaces that can be booked:

  • Computer Suite – consists of 2 computers and an eye tracker (Tobii Fusion). Each computer is separated by a fabric divider for participants to complete questionnaires and software-based activities such as eye tracking.​​​​​​
  • Physio Suite – contains a table with 4 chairs, and the following body measuring equipment:
    • 1x Stadiometer
    • 1x Digital scales
    • 2x Polar Heart rate waist bands
    • 2x Omron Blood pressure devices
  • Observational Suite – contains 3 wall mounted cameras for recording, as well as a discrete ceiling microphone system. This is all connected to one computer that can also be accessed remotely via creating Microsoft Teams meeting with yourself and sharing control. The room also has stackable chairs and a foldable table to maximise space in the room.
  • Waiting room – A room for any participants who have parents or carers that are not included in the studies.

The lab is also next to a shared kitchen space if required. There is a printer inside as well.

The lab also has a SharePoint site containing user guides for all equipment, as well as operating procedures for accessing/exiting the lab during fire alarms and any unique scenarios – such as the currently ongoing construction above the lab.

The lab has been able to successfully host studies involving children/parents, eye tracking for hospital bound patients, and even virtual reality.

With the UCREATE just around the corner, there is also the potential to host even more intensive VR studies with the Quest 2, 3D imaging scanning devices, as well as incorporating 3D printing / soldering for any unique requirements.

The lab also contains 4 encrypted audio recorders (DS-9000) as well as 2 iPad Air (2nd Gens).

Students can create studies through SONA to help increase visibility, as well has gain credits for their course requirements.

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The University works with AccessAble, the UK's leading provider of access information, to provide details about the accessibility of our buildings and facilities. Search for accessible places on campus on the AccessAble website:


AccessAble - UoE is an app available on both iOS and Android, and uses symbols, photos and descriptions to give you instant access to information about ramps, lifts and accessible toilets. Handy features include MyWayToGo which directs you to a chosen accessible place on campus, and FindMeNow, an in-built emergency locator that sends your GPS location to your chosen emergency contact by email or SMS.

If you have any questions about accessibility or require assistance before visiting us, please get in touch. 

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