Early Intervention for Eating Disorders

In this project we are exploring how to support early intervention for eating disorders, as well as tailoring interventions to illness stage and individual circumstances. 

This work is supported by the EDIFY consortium: EDIFY: Eating Disorders - delineating illness and recovery trajectories to inform personalised prevention and early intervention in young people 

EDIFY is a four-year programme of research focused on how we understand and treat eating disorders in young people. It includes six core projects or ‘workstreams’, each approaching the topic of early intervention for eating disorders from a different perspective. The workstreams span projects in the arts and humanities right through to state-of-the-art scientific research in informatics and neuroscience. This interdisciplinary approach will allow us to build a rich picture of the different reasons why young people develop eating disorders, how these illnesses progress, and what we can do to promote lasting recovery. 

EDIFY is one of 7 projects funded by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) as part of their 'Adolescent Mental Health and the Developing Mind' scheme. 

Funded by UKRI EDIFY programme (grant number: MR/W002418/1)