Showing the Way

Showing the Way was a research collaboration between ECRED and HammondCare that explored how people with dementia understand and use signage.

The project aimed to develop the groundwork for a method to evaluate how effective signage is for enabling people living with dementia. It also aimed to explore methods to assess existing signage and provide guidance for designers, architects, service providers and communities in designing signage that is both useful and effective for people living with dementia.

The research involved experts in design and or dementia, people with dementia, carers or working in a caring environment. Exploratory workshops were held in Australia and Scotland, followed by pooling of data to support three electronic rounds of a Delphi study. Statements concerning signage that achieved consensus in the Delphi study were used to form a framework for evaluating signage in dementia environments.

This project was with HammondCare Australia and the Edinburgh Centre for Research on the Experience of Dementia in the UK.