BN (Hons) Nursing

As one of the first universities to offer a nursing degree in the UK, the University of Edinburgh has a long tradition of preparing graduate nurses. Our graduates are highly regarded both nationally and internationally in the nursing profession.

Name BN (Hons) Nursing
UCAS Course Code B700
Institution Code E56
Start Date September
Mode of Study 4 years full-time
Programme Director Sarah Rhynas

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Our innovative four-year programme integrates theory, practice and clinical experience. Years 1 and 2 serve as an introduction to the evidence base for nursing, encompassing various aspects of healthcare and research. 

In Years 3 and 4 (Honours years) you will develop leadership skills, deepen your understanding of the evidence base for nursing, and sharpen your critical thinking and clinical decision-making abilities. You can also customize your experience of the programme by undertaking an elective clinical placement, either abroad or elsewhere in the UK. As well as choosing from a range of Honours option courses that align with your disciplinary interests. 

In your final year, you will receive dedicated academic supervision for your dissertation work from our supportive and highly experienced academics. 

The BN (Hons) Nursing programme leads to eligibility to register as an adult nurse with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). To register as an adult nurse students must have successfully completed the core courses and practice placements from the Foundation, Branch and Honours years of the programme.


Why choose this programme?

Our BN (Hons) Nursing programme stands out for its unparalleled integration of theory and practice, consisting of 50% theory and 50% clinical practice experience throughout the course.  

The programme has consistently topped the Guardian League Table for Nursing and Midwifery for the past 5 years, coming 1st again in 2023.

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Nursing offers a profound sense of purpose and fulfillment as it involves caring for and making a positive difference in the lives of others. We are one of the top ten universities in the UK to offer Nursing, and our students' experience is second to none. Find out what it's like to join our close-knit community of international students and staff at the University of Edinburgh.

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Preparation for the Future

The healthcare landscape is constantly changing, presenting new challenges and opportunities for nursing professionals. Clinical skills are taught in small groups and are focused on experiential learning using a range of simulation-based education (part task training models, high fidelity simulation and with simulated patients). We also share some of the state-of-the-art facilities with medical colleagues, providing a collaborative and immersive experience. 

The programme also offers a well-established inter-professional learning framework that spans across all four years. You will be able to collaborate with a diverse range of healthcare students, including those from medical, pharmacy, and paramedic backgrounds and experience a collaborative approach to the learning experiences, preparing you for the complexities of clinical practice.

Innovative Opportunities

The clinical elective experience is an integral and important part of our programme, designed to foster a sense of personal accountability among our students. Towards the end of your third year you will embark on a four-week clinical elective placement in the UK or abroad. This invaluable opportunity allows students to obtain experience in an area of particular interest and to further develop your capacity for personal and professional development. There is an additional opportunity for two students in Year 3 to undertake a single semester exchange with La Trobe University, Australia. These unique elements of the programme expose students to diverse nursing practices and global perspectives. It's a chance to broaden cultural horizons and gain invaluable hands-on experience. 

Each year we offer innovative new inter-professional opportunities with psychology, social work and medical students. Learners from other subject areas such as Social Work, Childhood Practice and Psychology elect to study on some of the Nursing Studies courses, enabling a interdisciplinary and collaborative approach to learning.  

Beyond the programme

A degree from our BN (Hons) Nursing programme opens doors to a wide range of employment opportunities. The employment prospects for a graduate nurse are excellent and opportunities are wide-ranging. Most students who complete a nursing degree at the University of Edinburgh go on to practice as nurses, and many pursue further professional education to become specialists in their chosen clinical areas. Some graduates work overseas, contributing to healthcare in both developed and developing countries. 

Further Study Opportunities

For those seeking to advance their education, the University offers many postgraduate options, including Masters and PhD programmes. 

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