People in the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Research (CAMHR) Centre.

 Centre Directors

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Name Position Research Interests

Prof Jo Williams

Centre Director

Child and adolescent health and mental health, children's understanding of biology and health, developmental disabilities, and children's interactions with animals
Dr Vilas Sawrikar Centre Deputy Director

Evidence-based early intervention in youth mental health

Dr. Jessica Hafetz Mirman Centre Associate Director  

Centre members: academic staff

Name Position Research Interests

Dr Stephanie Adams

Research Fellow

Health messaging/educational programming 
Dr Timothy Bird Research Fellow  
Dr Simona Di Folio Research Fellow  
Dr Fiona Duffy Lecturer The development and treatment of adolescent eating disorders and the use of interpersonal psychotherapy (IPT) and mentalization in depressed or impulsive adolescents
Dr Karri Gillespie-Smith Lecturer  
Dr Lisa-Christine Girard   Lecturer  
Dr Karen Goodall Lecturer Childhood adversity, attachment, emotion regulation and metacognition in  relation to well-being. Positive psychology. 
Dr Helen Griffiths Senior Lecturer Risk and resilience, particularly the role of attachment and mentalization, for complex psychopathology such as psychosis
Dr Rachel Happer Senior Clinical Fellow  
Dr Susannah Johnston

Teaching Fellow

Dr Monja Knoll Senior Teaching Fellow  
Dr Melina Nicole Kyranides                                                                  Early Career Fellow  
Dr Angus Macbeth Lecturer Perinatal Mental Health, Complex Psychopathology (Psychosis, Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Personality Disorder), Developmental psychopathology, Data-linkage, Evidence-based mental health
Dr Bradley MacDonald Postdoctoral Fellow  
Dr Charles Marley Teaching Fellow Community psychology; discourse analysis; critical perspectives on ADHD; the relation of social inequalities to mental health difficulties
Dr Janine Muldoon Research Fellow Life transitions (educational, developmental & personal), children's perspectives, emotional wellbeing & relationships, child-animal interactions
Dr Ingrid Obsuth    Lecturer  
Prof Ethel Quayle Chair of Forensic Clinical Psychology Internet sex offending, the role of abuse images in the offending process
Prof Matthias Schwannauer Head of School, Health in Social Science Attachment theory, affect regulation, mentalisation, reflective functioning and interpersonal stress in the context of the risk and resilience of psychosis and recurrent mood disorders in adults and adolescents
Dr Emily Taylor Senior Lecturer Psychological factors (e.g. perfectionism, attachment, affect regulation) in clinical interventions for children and adolescents, using scale development and qualitative inquiry

Centre members: PhD students 

Rowena Piers Maria Francisca Morales Larrazabal
Raahat Manrai Hamdullah Tunc
Joana Esteves Craveiro de Oliveira Dennis Relojo-Howell
Catalina Martin  Kate Leventhal
Lucia Dahlby Jingni (Maggie) Ma
Emy Nimbley Lisa Golds
Katherine Porter  Keith Evans
Emily Hennessy Shalhavit Simcha Cohen
Aigli Raouna Yijun Zhao
Pelin Lin Cristian Alcaino
Asaly Skrenes Melanie Phillips
Imogen Peebles Tine Opitz
Lilli Clark Laura Wauthier
Unaiza Uqbal Xiaoshan Yin
Hasan Huseyin Ates Liron Blajwajs
Jill Steele Lucia Dahlby
Sarah Jamieson Elaine Gray
Kiyoshi Bhuiyan

Ercan Özdemir