Eating Disorders and Behaviours Research Group

The Eating Disorders and Behaviours Research Group explore body image, disordered eating and eating disorders, in both clinical groups and in the general population.

Our research group is interested in understanding the processes that underpin our eating behaviours, covering the full spectrum from typical eating in the general population, through to groups who are at high risk for disordered eating, and those who are experiencing clinical eating disorders, such as anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. We work closely with NHS clinical services and schools in Scotland and welcome enquires about partnerships if you would like to be involved in a research project as a collaborator or participant. 

Our work includes:

  • Using large-scale population data to examine risk factors for body image difficulties and disordered eating in the general population
  • Working with schools and other organisations to design and evaluate prevention programmes for eating disorders and related behaviours
  • Exploring interpersonal risk and maintaining factors for eating disorders and the effectiveness of interpersonally-orientated interventions for these and related difficulties
  • The role and impact of peer support for those affected by eating disorders, their parents and carers
  • The influence of media (traditional and social media) on body image and disordered eating

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Our Projects:

Developing and evaluating interventions for eating disorders Early Intervention for Eating Disorders
Eating and neurodiversity Eating disorders, public health and social inequalities
Social media, body image, and eating