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What has stand-up ever done for autoethnography? (Jonathan Wyatt)

The workshop is informed by Therapy, Stand-up and the Gesture of Writing: Towards Creative-Relational Inquiry, Jonathan's latest book, which will be published in early 2019. The book offers accounts of therapy and stand-upcomedy, together with personal writing about the everyday of living. We might term such personal writing ‘autoethnography’, and in the book he explores how therapy, stand-up and autoethnographic writing each attend to the here-and-now, flesh-to-flesh co-presence of bodies, the ebbs and flows of energy, how tension builds and is released, and how affect – humour, sadness, anger, and more – happens. How it erupts.

At its heart, Therapy, Stand-up and the Gesture of Writing ismethodological and looks to exemplify, challenge, and extend autoethnography. We will explore in this workshop how stand-up might inform autoethnography, as we work together with 8 claims, 7 questions and 6 writing provocations/invitations that have emerged from the process of writing the book.

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