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Can we talk about depression?

Compassion and Depression

Dr Stella Chan (Reader in Clinical Psychology, The University of Edinburgh) 

Depression affects 300 million people worldwide, in particular young people. In this talk Dr Stella Chan will talk about why some young people are more at risk of becoming depressed, discussing the role of the brain, our thinking styles, compassion towards ourselves, and social / family relationships. Dr Chan will also talk about the importance of finding non-stigmatised ways to prevent depression, including our citizen scientist project ‘Project Soothe’ (

The Gripless Grip: A Predictive Processing Take on Enlightenment

Dr Mark Miller (Postdoctoral Research Assistant) 

How can cognitive science help us to understand how humans think? How humans act? How humans feel? In this talk, Dr Mark Miller will consider how cognitive science can help us to explain and understand mental health, specifically, suffering and enlightenment. Dr Miller will discuss how the increasingly popular Predictive Processing approach to cognitive science might help us to better explain and understand human suffering, and equip us with new strategies for liberation and enlightenment.