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Children and Animals: Pet Science for Kids

Join us for a FREE, fun and interactive workshop where children will learn about animals and the environment.

Children love animals, and 70% of families in the UK have pets. However, accidental animal cruelty is common, and the role that pets play in children’s lives is not well understood by either children or their parents. This event brings together a range of animal welfare charities, primary schools and children to learn more about pets, the environment and science.


Examples of exciting and educationally stimulating learning opportunities include:

  • Puppy love (with a therapy dog) Learn all about dogs and how they can benefit people
  • A cat’s world Learn about cat behaviour and senses
  • Bunnies have feelings too! (with the Scottish SPCA) this activity will teach children all about rabbit welfare, and the care rabbits need to be happy and healthy
  • Birds Brains! (with the National Museum of Scotland) Did you know that birds are extremely clever and that they have thoughts and feelings too?
  • Would dinosaurs make good pets? (with the National Museum of Scotland) Learn about fossil evolution, lizards and snakes.
  • Designing a pet palace Engage in arts and crafts activities, design homes for pets and create toys for pets to play with.
  • My pets, my planet! (with Scottish SPCA and others) This activity will teach children about how to make small changes in their behaviour in order to care for animals and the planet.
  • I’m a pet scientist! (University researchers) Children will take part in iPad tasks where they will learn about animal emotion recognition and their relationship with pets.  


ESRC Festival of Social Science website:  

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