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CCRI Synesthesia Workshops

"If the world is a performance, not a text, then today we need a model of social science that is performative." Norman K. Denzin  

In this second year of Synesthesia Workshops, we have brought together a variety of art-based practices as the prompt for experiential performances and reflective insight. This series starts with an exploration of Autoethnography in relation to stand-up comedy, with Professor Jonathan Wyatt. The second workshop is an immersion in Sketching as a method in social sciences by Candela Sanchez. Then we move to a workshop that will mix the body in movement with visual arts ways of Mark-making with Gabriel Soler and Susan Mackay. After that, we will further delve into the body in movement, with introductory practices of dance Therapy as a way of researching with Barbara Erber. Finally, we close with a collective assemblage, under the practices of music Therapy led by Leonelo Bazurro.

No previous experience is required for any of the workshops. Bring your curiosity, your willingness to participate and enjoy a group experience playing and thinking together. The workshops are independent to each other and are free. Materials and coffee/tea provided. This series is sponsored by Inspiring Students Award.

Next workshop: Body, sound and silence: an exploration into Music Therapy (Leonelo Bazzurro) 28th May 2019

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