Professor Aisha Holloway receives Florence Nightingale Leadership Scholarship

Congratulations to Dr Aisha Holloway who has received a prestigious Florence Nightingale Leadership Scholarship.

The Florence Nightingale Foundation is offering these scholarships to Nurses, Midwives and Allied Health Professionals who want to become leaders with the skills and self-confidence to contribute positively and with some significance to the rapidly changing world of healthcare.

The Scholarship will provide Professor Holloway with a bespoke leadership development programme and award of approximately £15k. 10% of this money will come from the legacy of Margaret Scott Wright through her Endowment Fund held here in Nursing Studies at the University of Edinburgh. In a distinguished career Professor Scott-Wright was appointed in 1971 to the first Chair of Nursing Studies at the University of Edinburgh, and the first in Europe.

Moreover, the Scholarship will enable Professor Holloway to spend time in the USA, in Washington and Congress, working with Nurse Leaders in the US exploring strategic and political leadership as well as undertaking some formal health policy development.