PhD Nursing Students' Visit to the Edinburgh Sick Kids Hospital

PhD nursing students visit children's hospital

A group of six PhD Nursing Students visited the Edinburgh Sick Kids Hospital on Thursday February 9, 2017.

We were well well received by Lindsay McLeish (the Health and Wellbeing Nurse), who gave us detailed lecture about her specialty area - Transition of clients (children) with long term illness/ disabilities especially spinal bifida and hydrocephalus into adult care. The need for this service , schedule of activities, challenges faced and the proposed way forward were all discussed.

She also explained the Scotland Framework - Getting it right for every child and Ready, Steady, Go - Transition to adult services assessment package.

The PhD students, who are all from different parts (countries) of the world also exchanged their experiences on how children with such conditions are managed in their different countries. Some suggestions were given, questions, concerns and clarifications were also made. 

It was an interactive and educative experience!

Sick Kids Visit