School Success at Students' Association Teaching Awards

Fiona Duffy (MSc Applied Psychology for Children and Young People) wins the 2016-2017 Best Innovative Assessment Award.

The School congratulates Fiona Duffy and the MSc Applied Psychology for Children and Young People who won the Best Innovative Assessment Award at the Students' Association Teaching Award Ceremony on Thursday 27 April 2017.

Recognised for Best Innovative Assessment

all (students) developed new services, resources and training that are likely to be useful applications in the real world. I came out of the assignment with not only a good grade and a strong theoretical understanding of child and adolescent development, but I had a new mental health resource that I could discuss with future employers.

A student on the MSc Applied Psychology for Children and Young People

Nominations for this category demonstrated excellent assessment that:      

  • challenges students to develop new skills, knowledge, and abilities that will help them in the future;
  • helps students to show off what they've learned, and also helps them reflect on their learning;
  • helps students play to their strengths so they will excel in the assessment;
  • inspires students to learn about their subject in a new way.

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About the Teaching Awards

Edinburgh University Students' Association was the first in the UK to offer student-led Teaching Awards.

Great teaching is what makes your university experience really take off, and we want your help to celebrate the best of the teaching on offer at the University of Edinburgh.

Courses, teachers, research and dissertation supervisors, students who tutor, personal tutors, and professional and administrative staff are all eligible for recognition in the Students' Association Teaching Awards. 

2016-2017 teaching award winners in the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences