Stella Chan wins British Psychological Society Public Engagement & Media Award

Clinical Psychology's Stella Chan was presented with the award at The British Psychological Society's Annual Conference 2019.

Dr Stella Chan Recieving Award
Dr Stella Chan and her daughter with award

Stella accepted the award for her efforts on young people's mental health engagement and her work as part of Project Soothe. Public engagement is at the centre of Project Soothe, actively bringing ‘citizen science’ and psychology into the public eye, opening conversations never expected, so Stella was delighted to accept the award. Project Soothe are a team of Clinical and Developmental Psychologists based at the University of Edinburgh, their mission is to develop a bank of soothing photographs that can be shared with others to improve mental health and wellbeing and for use in psychotherapy and research. Read the full BPS article about Stella's award here.


"The public engagement events that I think are successful are those that show you want to come out and make a difference. It’s that enthusiasm that attracts people" Dr Stella Chan


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