The Harmony Choir Christmas Concert

An Erasmus project founded in 2016, the HarmonyChoir studies the effects of singing in a choir on mental health and mental health stigma, since then they have raised over £7,000 for mental health charities.

The original project was funded by the University's Student Experience Grants but the choir weren't ready to stop there. Since 2016 they have worked hard to keep their inclusive mental health choir going and are open to anyone over the age of 18.

This year, like many others, the HarmonyChoir took their Christmas fundraiser online. They have produced a Christmas video and will also be hosting a live virtual concert on 21st December. The concert will be free of charge with any donations going to Health in Mind. 

Join the concert on Facebook 7pm Monday 21st December

Visit the Just Giving page 




Lisbeth is currently working with a team of researchers at the Universities of Sheffield, Derby and Glasgow alongside a music practitioner and cultural wellbeing ambassador, to develop a toolkit for choir leaders of mental health inclusive choirs.

This year HarmonyChoir appeared in the BBC documentary with Gail Porter sharing her mental health journey. This documentary won a Scottish BAFTA award in December 2020.

Being Gail Porter documentary on BBC iPlayer

Being Gail Porter winning a BAFTA  


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