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Contemporary Couples: A Psychoanalytic and Sociological Approach with Eric Smadja

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Contemporary couples have become unstable, fragile, polymorphous and demanding.

I have chosen to explore them by taking a twofold, sociological and psychoanalytic, approach. Starting from issues surrounding the historicity of the very notion of couple, in this seminar I will first propose my personal and multidimensional view, which constitutes an initial, theoretical, construction.

Then, I will look at their essential characteristics, both psychological and sociological, which leads me to questions about contemporary society on the basis of certain aspects proper to it.

I will introduce some new notions and concepts like couple work, structural conflictualities (internal and external), conjugal culture. Finally, I will undertake a socio-psychoanalytical reflection considering also that they are fashioned by different categories of recent major changes which I will examine too.

Part of the CCRI First Thursday Seminar Series

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