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Toward Therapeutic Community: Learning Beyond the Theoretical

Based on the ideas of a democratic therapeutic community, Mosaic creates a space for individuals interested in the field of mental-health to engage in learning beyond the theoretical.

The nature of the space is co-created by those who participate in it, providing an environment where members can break down the dichotomies of traditional teacher-student relations. The purpose is to provide a space for inter and intra personal growth, development and support. Boundaried by time and purpose-oriented sections, members and visitors of the community often explore multiple and interconnected themes of power and in the process create an entirely new learning environment. 

In this seminar, we’d like to invite participants to gain an experience of what creating such an academic therapeutic community could look like. We will begin and end this session with a community meeting typical to a day in Mosaic. During the session, we will engage in unscripted dialogue among members of the community as we explore a question that has been especially present in our community: of who within us is a ‘staff member’ and the impact of the role.

Part of the CCRI First Thursday Seminar Series


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