Overview & infographic

An overview & infographic illustrating seven facets of the evaluation process

An overview of the evaluation process

Ideally, an intervention and accompanying evaluation should be planned together from the outset, with formal opportunities to reflect on, assess and document progress built in throughout. Our infographic highlights different facets of the evaluation process; outlined in greater detail in the following sections. There is an obvious chronology to the first three steps that show what needs to be done in order to develop an outome or impact evaluation. Facets 4 to 7 reflect a series of steps too, but these really show how to produce high quality intervention and evaluation and are crucial to carrying out Steps 1 to 3 well. Facet 6 will form a process evaluation that is essential to the future development of animal welfare education and should feed in to Facet 7.

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What should I do? (Steps in the evaluation process)


How should I do it (Important components of high quality evaluation)