Learning from other places: Improving choice for people with dementia

This film is part of a series which highlights the outcomes and learning from 6 programmes supported under the 2016 SUII call for proposals - Learning from other places.

Programmes focused on knowledge exchange between places, (as well as between disciplines and between academics and non-academics), to draw on the experience and explore the lessons that could be learned from varying policy and practice approaches in different parts of the UK, EU and further afield. 

Projects engaged with a wide range of disciplines and involved academics, policy-makers, practitioners and other stakeholders from Scotland and elsewhere to share knowledge and experience and generate fresh insights on a range of topics, as follows: Restorative JusticeStigma in Childhood, Housing-with-care models for People with Dementia, City Region DealsCollaboration in the Craft Beer sectorComplex challenges for Public Leadership.

This is the film from our research group which focused on Housing with Care Models for People with dementia and in particular what can Scotland learn from other places that can improve choices for older people with dementia facing care choices. The film features Agnes Houston, MBE, Professor Mary Marshall and Dr Julie Christie as they talk about the program of activities and the findings.