The core purpose of the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology training programme is to train clinical psychologists to doctorate level.

This allows trainees to impart the range of competences necessary to become eligible to apply for chartered status within the British Psychological Society and to apply for HCPC registration as a Practitioner Psychologist/ Clinical Psychologist.

The Programme provides sufficient experiences to equip trainees with the skills, knowledge and core values of the profession to work effectively within the NHS with a range of clients and in different settings using various psychological interventions.

Competent trainees will be able to:

  • Apply psychological skills, knowledge and values to clinical problems; that is, trainees will be able to assess, formulate, evaluate and solve problems using a range of psychological theories and knowledge.
  • Apply knowledge of the different areas of clinical psychology to form a basis for working in any of the current applied fields of clinical psychology.
  • Have practical, clinical and research skills, knowledge and values that will enable them to pursue a career in any area of clinical psychology and with clients from a diverse range of backgrounds and in academic, health or community settings.
  • To be skilled at communicating effectively with clients, and with staff from other disciplines and to work within multi-disciplinary teams as a clinician, supervisor or consultant.
  • Be skilled in the knowledge and values required to work effectively with clients from a variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds.
  • Understand the social context within which psychological problems may develop, and how environments may be modified in an attempt to ameliorate problems.
  • Understand the need for regular evaluation of their work, be skilled in self-reflection and self-awareness, understanding the need for continuing professional development after qualification.