Why choose the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology?

First taught in Edinburgh in 1959, this advanced practitioner programme is one of the longest established of its kind in UK.

The Doctorate in Clinical Psychology  offers a wide range of teaching and clinical placements with trainees being attached to one of nine possible health boards throughout Scotland.

The Core Philosophy of the Programme is that trainees should be highly competent practitioners using psychological interventions across a variety of settings. Teaching and supervision is provided in a range of approaches with a range of client groups.

The psychological therapies programme includes training to a high standard in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Interpersonal Therapy; we also include and encourage the use of a range of other approaches including behavioural, systemic, client-centred, and psychodynamic approaches.

A real strength of the academic teaching is that most lecturers are practising NHS clinical psychologists so there is a practical, real-life basis to what they're saying.

Rhiannon Davis
3rd year student

Priority is given to developing an awareness of professional, ethical and service issues in the delivery of clinical psychology interventions. The Programme is committed to keeping up-to-date with recent advances and incorporating these within both academic teaching and clinical placements.

The clinical practice element consists of placements undertaken under the supervision of a qualified Clinical Psychologist, almost always in NHS settings, although occasionally within social services.