Child and Adolescent Mental Health Research (CAMHR) Centre

We are a group of researchers specialising in and collaborating across themes of research exploring the mental health of children and adolescents.

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The Centre is based in Clinical Psychology in the School of Health in Social Science. It bridges various specialised research groups in Clinical Psychology including, the Neurodivergent and Learning Disabilities group, Forensic Psychology group, Contextual Mental Health Group, the Trauma and Adversity group, and the Eating Disorder and Behaviours Research group, allowing researchers who specialise in Child and Adolescent Mental Health to collaborate on research within and across the different themes.

This co-location fosters the exchange of best co-production/engagement practices, identification of key gaps in research, development of innovative methodologies and engagement in impactful knowledge exchange activities, ultimately driving forward impactful research initiatives aimed at enhancing the mental health outcomes of children and young people.


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Our Projects:

CAREHub Children, Adolescents, and Animals Research Group (caar)

Eating Disorders and Behaviours Research Group

Fetal Alcohol Advisory Support and Training Team (FAASTT)

Intergenerational Mental Health

Neurodivergent and Learning Disabilities Research Group (NALD)

Road to Recovery


The Scottish Developmental Psychology Network is a collaborative network of PhD students and post-doctoral researchers in Scottish universities who share an interest in the development of psychological health and wellbeing. The Network was started in CAMHR, previously known as CADP, with University of Edinburgh funding.

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