View our previous events from 2019 across the School of Health in Social Science.

The week commencing Monday 21st October marks the opening of the School of Health in Social Science art exhibition and research showcase.

Westwood and Linnell trace the arc of an ongoing inquiry, in collaboration with other human and non-human actors, from their 2007 exhibition with Suzanne Perry and Josephine Pretorius (see Linnell, Perry, Pretorius and Westwood, 2019) through to their current collaborations, together and apart. They note how the agency of materials and places becomes increasingly insistent in their work.

The Scottish Collaboration for Public Health Research and Policy (SCPHRP) will be hosting an event to bring third sector, industry, government and healthcare organisations together with staff and students in the School of Health in Social Science. Join us for a fun and interactive fair, which aims to connect organisations doing work that may be of interest to staff and students.

An Invitation to this participative workshop with Professor Jonathan Wyatt

New self-defence workshop for School of Health PGR students,Sign up to get empowered and feel safer by learning a few basic self-defence strategies

Artisan Roast Coffee and Cake is back for 2019/20!

Registration to attend this event is essential.

Join us for a fun and interactive workshop where children will learn about animals and the environment.

An Invitation to experience an audio-story installation.

A brief overview of the IRAS system including an update on the new R&D process: Organisation Information Pack.

Let's Get Social! The first School of Health in Social Science's Let's Gather community event of 2019/20.

Building resilience in children.

Challenges and opportunities for intervening with young novice drivers. Guest speaker: Dr Jessica Hafetz Mirman

The Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas returns to the 2019 Fringe Festival and so does Matthias Schwannauer for his show "Dumbing Down Trauma?"

A highly participative afternoon that will feature presentations, discussion and the chance to help direct the development of future tech.

You are invited to our seminar with Associate Professor Campbell Paul, recipient of Alexander McCall Smith's Isabel Dalhousie Fellowship.

An event focusing on the power, and tragedy, of the mind.

Supported by the National Lottery through Creative Scotland, this project creates a new body of work based on the concept of 'narrative portraiture'. Visual artist Eleonora Scalise responds to research conducted by Dr Edgar Rodríguez-Dorans (Research Fellow at the Centre for Creative-Relational Inquiry) with ten gay men from different ages and backgrounds. The resulting narrative portraiture artwork is inspired by anonymous interviews with gay men.

This seminar introduces the concept of ‘imagined portraits’ as a collaboration between arts and social sciences.

Amy Chandler, and Zoi Simopoulou invite you to join them at their end of project event, where they will share insights and findings from a recently completed research project which used art-based discussion groups to explore meanings of self-harm.

Come prepared for a sophisticated, sensitive event that explores different points of view, mental health in a digital world and finding the strength and happiness to survive.

This event is open to all School of Health in Social Science students and staff, and your families.

Dementia researchers, people living with dementia and other interested parties gather to discuss current research themes; to share and discuss papers and individual working drafts; and to identify ECRED Informal list.

The ‘First Thursday’ seminar series engages with innovative, creative and radical conversations about counselling and psychotherapy research and practice.

This reading group will provide an introduction to the key concepts, theorists, and techniques associated with American Relational Psychoanalysis.

A reading group to explore what it means to think about LGBTQ individuals.

Confused about GDPR or what to do with your research data? Come to our drop-in session with Data Protection Officer Rena Gertz.

Elizabeth Ablah, PhD, MPH is from the Department of Preventive Medicine and Public Health at the University of Kansas School of Medicine. She will discuss a comprehensive worksite wellness initiative she has developed, WorkWell KS, that emphasizes policy, systems, and environmental changes. 

This will be a monthly session for staff and research students in the Centre for Creative-Relational Inquiry and guests from across the University beyond, to use in any way that suits them to support their projects. The session can be used for very “traditional” presentations, followed by questions and feedback, but it can also be as experimental and/or participatory as necessary, including workshops, tests, focused groups, performative lectures, or occasionally visits to relevant locations. A single session could be devoted to one project, or divided into parts to focus on different projects.

We are delighted to invite you to a presentation by Neil Melhuish, Director of Policy at Netsafe.

The idea of this series of workshops is to generate transformations from one discipline to another. Each session will be an alchemical process of group inspiration, creation and collective reflection.

This May! FEELS Exhibition is BACK as part of the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival 2019! The exhibition will be upgraded in the bright and airy gallery space at Edinburgh Palette, Gallery 2

These sessions are open to students and staff across the School and will focus is on learning and supporting each other in regards to research methods.

Join @gearoidbrennan in his Twitter chat as part of the #WhyWeDoResearch Campaign!

Join us for an evening exploring mental health storytelling.

Come and join us for a showcase of the ongoing work at the School of Health in Social Science!

In the session, Dr Ruth Jepson will provide an overview of the main approaches including thematic synthesis and meta-ethnography and provide guidance on which approach to use when.

Join Chad Steel from George Mason University for a seminar on Digital Behavioural Analysis.

Depression is the world’s predominant mental health problem and despite the work done to date, scientists are still plagued by unanswered questions. Who is more likely to become depressed? How do we diagnose it? And perhaps most importantly, how do we treat it? Join Dr Stella Chan at The Cuckoo’s Nest, as part of the Pint of Science Festival, to explore the causes of depression and how science might show us the path to happiness

This presentation offers an overview of the issue of housing as a key determinant of health based on ongoing research from the EU to the Canadian context.

'Troubling Emergence: views from the field'

In this talk, Professor Richards will reflect on the importance of relationships in childhood and the way in which their protective function echoes through effective service delivery and development.

Artisan Roast Coffee and Cake is back for 2019!

The Centre for Applied Developmental Psychology would like to invite you to a networking lunch on safer internet and technology use for mental health and wellbeing.

After last years wonderfully successful Therapets session with Canine Concern Scotland, we will be holding another one this April!

This seminar will explore some of the key questions emerging from Lucy's new research project, which aims to challenge and reframe established readings of self-injury in both mainstream and subcultural performance.

You are invited to attend this forthcoming seminar hosted by the Centre for Applied Developmental Psychology at the University of Edinburgh

This seminar will focus on the significance of photographic representations of illness narratives within the field of medical humanities and draw attention to possible new modes of expressing and communicating a lived illness experience.

This drama workshop will practically explore the many ways in which we make connections.

For this event, ‘Heavier than Air’ becomes part of the Festival of Creative Learning at the University of Edinburgh as a theatre play-public lecture in which performing arts are used as a medium to communicate research in an accessible way to a wider audience.