CCRI First Thursday Seminar Series 2021/22

The ‘First Thursday’ seminar series engages with innovative, creative and radical conversations about counselling and psychotherapy research and practice.

First Thursday seminar, presented by Manu Bazzano: 'Against Attachment Theory'

First Thursday seminar, presented by Helen Morgan: 'Whiteness. A Problem for our Time'

First Thursday seminar, presented by Tatiana Chemi: Artist-led Learning in Higher Education

Ecuador is known for its long-lasting history of political instability. Since independence (1830), this country has replaced its constitution 19 times. On average, Ecuadorians have supplanted their social contract every decade. How can we account for the character of constitutional instability in Ecuador?

First Thursday seminar, presented by Ying Liu: 'Giving birth to the unborn: Processing the experience of sibling abortion in groups'

We will present writing in progress/process around themes of writing, loss, absence and presence. We explore the experience of coming back into contact after a space of absence: returning here after being there. We write through themes of loss, restoration, death, love, breakage, recovery, depletion, renewal, and more.

Years ago, I was given a reproduction statuette of Rodin’s The Thinker from a cohort of students at the end of their degree – a gift so kindly meant. And when in deepest lockdown I left my academic role of over 20 years and cleared my office, The Thinker came home. Over the coming months, I began to cover the statuette with images from magazines I’d bought and read during lockdown, and added cut-out words later – over time, The Thinker becoming The Dreamer. Parallel to this process, I began to get tattooed – the decoupage process being applied to my body – each tattoo positioned in relation to the next, in response to the process of inter-being and becoming.