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Symposium: “Counselling and Psychotherapy in Times of Political Violence”

Grounded in the psychosocial perspective that our inner world and the sociopolitical environments are intertwined, the symposium explores the potential of counselling and psychotherapy in understanding and working with the impacts of political violence in therapeutic and training settings. The symposium brings together researchers from various fields such as culture and media studies, psychoanalytic and psychosocial studies, post-colonial studies, and feminist studies. It promotes a collaborative, reflexive approach to generate a collective inquiry on the impacts of political violence within therapeutic and training settings and how we may bridge the gap between theory and practice, psyche and social, by exploring the political dimensions of counselling and psychotherapy. 

The symposium is convened by Dr Nini Fang and Rhea Gandhi in collaboration with several PhD and ProfDoc students based at Edinburgh, Mingxi Li, Kartika Ladwal, and Sarah Nghidinwa who serve as the session chairs on the day. The symposium is organised jointly by the Centre for Creative-Relation Inquiry and Association for Psychosocial Studies and funded by Student Experience Grant and the school-wide EDI funding. The symposium is free to attend and open to all, bringing together counselling and psychotherapy communities both within and outwith Edinburgh. Further information and the programme can be found on the Eventbrite registration page.

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